Wednesday, March 23, 2011


So I been hitting the gym. What part of my body should I work on the most?? And don't be shy...I can take criticism...muah!!!


  1. Keeping it 100 ma. U need mo ass u got a cute lil ass but u need mo, so don't work out to much if u no a workout to add mo titties u might want to do dat to. other than dat the pussy looks like its in good shape. keep up the good work.

    you boy Kam

  2. Don't stop working out, but you can build a lil muscle to your butt by doing lunges it wont be massive but it will give you a little more bump back there and make you less of a pedophile's dream. LLS. As for the breast just go buy some no real workout for that. And to keep that pussy tight and right since you're putting it to work do kegel exercises. The thing I would suggest for you to work on is your abs you can tell you had a kid (and there's nothing wrong w/that). But it would look really good if you tighten it up.

  3. The only thing I would really say far as a work out, generally tone yourself up. Overall I wouldn't change anything about your figure. Against the above comment, I wouldn't recommend any change to your breast. You look too sexy as a natural.