Monday, April 25, 2011

Big butts...

I noticed that some of your feedback was about my ass, So I was reading up on this article about why men love big butts. I saw a lot of different answers. So tell me, why do you love big butts? How big do you like it, or small? How much is too much???

Here are some answers I got from the article...
  1. I like big butts because their very attractive, arousing, and sexy. Keep in mind that by no means does curvy mean obese, there's a BIG difference. Honestly I will take a curvy woman over a stick figure any day.
  2. Men who like women with big ass, are men who have big dicks and strong sex drives!
  3. An excellent ass can only be appreciated on a woman with great looks and excellent personality.
  4. I like big butts because when I do it doggy style It waves like an ocean, and I don't like smacking against a bone  


    1. #1, yes 100% agree. But also there is such thing as too much. Shape is also another thing. Every woman has their own certain two are alike. I'm sure every guy has their own idea of what they prefer though. It's odd how the rest of your body can alter the appearance of your butt also

      #4 is 1/2 right. Shit hurts being in the doggystyle position w/ a skinny female with no "cushion against the pushing". Now that I think about it that was the worst experience.

    2. Hell yeah!!!1 If a chicks thong dont disappear, yo ass is too small. I like a woman to look like a woman. But her stomach can't be the same size as her ass. Small waist big ass. Like they say mo cushion for the pushing.

      There's nothing like a beautiful BIG ass on a woman its very sensual and sexy. I aint gonna say that they can take the dick cause real talk thick girls really can't take the rock, skinny girls take big dicks better. But a thicker woman just feels so much better when you hitting that ass just right.

      Examples of Perfect woman (models not porn stars) Sexy Solei, Buffy the Body, Love Barnett, Rosa Acosta, Coco, Kitoy. These woman have the perfect ass to waist ratio. Str8 Perfection!

    3. i like ur taste in woman dude. gotta shorten it tho i can ride wit love, coco, rosa u forgot maliah dat bitch is bad as fuck. but the others are all booty no beauty.