Thursday, April 28, 2011

big butts...

Gambit, sorry you had a bad experience of no cushion...That wouldn't happen with me..  ;)
I guess it does depend on everything on a woman's body for some ppl, and for some guys they just like the ass n small waist, it's a turn on for them, no matter how the rest of the body is....and for the anonymous person with the list of models, thanks for that list, ima have to check them out and see if I can get to that stature, the only thing is that I am a porn star, so I will never be on that list...  ;)



  1. wut up anita. you gotta work wit wut god gave u and from the look of the videos u doing yo thang babgirl. my boy just hip me up on to u the other day. i aint gon front i didnt like dat racist shit, but u just getting yo foot in da door. But they got some real pornstars dat have ass like roxy and pinky they just sure fire. but u do u ma u sexy and u look like u enjoy wut u do dats wut counts. have fun.

  2. lol sorry AP I don't know how to work your blog, its me Gerry aka g4gent. I don't know why it's giving those weird ass words.

  3. ...I'm positive that the experience would of been nothing less than great if it was you. That's a nice thought I can ride w/ for today ;)

    Sidenote: Porn stars are like the underground league of incredible females, model types or not. I prefer a porn star model over your standard magazine/musicvid models that was listed in the previous post( no diss to the poster ). Anita, your in my top 5 list of incredible females.

    "just:but u do u ma u sexy and u look like u enjoy wut u do dats wut counts. have fun."
    - I agree. I dig your on screen personality...major turn on.