Thursday, September 8, 2011

My Website...

My Website is Launching Soon!!!

Hey everyone, I think I have made a good enough name for myself and its time to Launch my website. I have found a web designer who is willing to take on the challenge and gave me a price I can not pass up! But since my website is going to be dedicated to you I would like to extend this offer…

If you donate now to the start of the website I will give you a free membership to the website! Your donation size will determine how long the free membership lasts! It could be from one day all the way to one free year! If you would like to make your donation and secure your spot email me at The first donation over $100 will get a certain extra type of membership but that will be discussed between the two of us.

 I have grand ideas and alot of backers and its time to make some moves! If you think you have some ideas to help improve me and my movement then please feel free to email me and let me know and we can talk about it, I know any business has many aspects and I am open minded to most everything.

So this is a calling to my Anita Peida truthful faithful followers, donate and become a member! Let's make this happen, either way its going to happen!

Thanks for the love and support, Muah!!!

Anita Peida


  1. How do I send a donation for your site babe? Christopher

  2. Thank you,contact me by email. muah!!!